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Re: System hangs at boot after Squeeze to Wheezy update (saslauthd culprit?)

Sergi Pons Freixes wrote:
> I just upgraded my VPS at Linode from Squeeze to Wheezy, everything looked
> find (only some issues with Dovecot), but after the reboot the system hangs
> at:
> ...
> So, or it is something related to saslauthd (the last message printed), or
> to the error seen before with libkmod. Any clue?

Since this is a remote VPS your only help on the console may be to
boot single user mode and then single step through the startup.
Regardless being able to boot single user mode should allow you enough
access to debug and rescue your system.

If it were me I would look at the order for /etc/rc2.d/S* boot time
init scripts.  In Wheezy that will be in increasing numerical order.
All scripts at the same number are run in parallel.  Due to the new
parallel boot system managed by insserv the order will be unique and
individualized to each system.  On my system saslauthd starts very
early at number 1 in parallel with all of the other S01* scripts.

I would then run insserv manually with verbosity enabled to see if it
is emitting any messages that would give a clue to problems.  This is
a normal invocation without any interesting messages.

  # insserv -v
  insserv: creating .depend.boot
  insserv: creating .depend.start
  insserv: creating .depend.stop

If none of those resulted in any help then I would boot into single
user mode and single step through the boot sequence.

In a local system the debian-installer used in rescue mode may be of
help in this process too.  I don't know if that is available to you on
your remote VPS.

Good luck!

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