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Re: Iceweasel Latest update stealing bandwidth uselessly

On 12/7/2014 6:03 AM, Alex wrote:
> Warm greetings to all the wonderful maintainers,
> I am sorry to report that, with the latest Iceweasel (31.3.0) update
> came something I did NOT want:-
>     This version is constantly loading two google cookies - google.com
>     google.com.au (country specific).  If you go into Edit ->
>     Preferences -> Privacy -> Show Cookies and try to delete these
>     unwanted (in my case) cookies, they will re-appear in seconds and
>     have to be deleted again, and again .... ad nauseum.
>     If you then try to 'block' these cookies in Edit -> Preferences ->
>     Privacy -> Exceptions, then addresses in the 74.125.237.xxx IP range
>     continue to 'steal' bandwidth by trying to communicate with the
>     Iceweasel browser. 
> <snip>
> Ale

What extensions and/or add-ons do you have installed?


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