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Re: Query: Deprecated libsystemd0 items, initramfs-1.18 bugs

On Du, 07 dec 14, 12:52:06, David Baron wrote:
> 1. I noticed that several of these are listed as deprecated. What replaces 
> them or are they used at all? (Do not want to risk and unbootable, or 
> unloginable [SIC] system by simply removing them :-)

I'm guessing you mean libsystemd-daemon0, libsystemd-login0, etc.

As per the package description, their functionality has been integrated 
in libsystemd0, so it is safe to remove them (I don't have them 

As a general trick, that should work on any package: mark them as 
automatically installed and use autoremove

    apt-mark auto libsystemd-daemon0
    apt-get --purge autoremove
> 2. 1.18 has been the current intramf-tools version for quite a while and 
> several serious or worse bugs are open. 

And the question is?

Kind regards,
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