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Re: boot fails on jessie on Acer Travelmate

Pierre Couderc a écrit :
> Le 04/12/2014 09:30, Pascal Hambourg a écrit :
>> In parted on a GPT disk, the "boot" flag identifies an EFI system
>> partition. An alias is "esp". As Simon suggested, you can toggle the
>> flag (with parted, not fdisk) and check whether the system can boot again.
>> parted /dev/sda set 1 boot on
> As I explained elsewhere, it now boots without problem.

I must have missed that part.

> But the gtp remains exactly as on above with no boot flag....

What do yo mean exactly ? parted still does not display the boot flag on
the ESP ? Have you tried with another GPT-compatible partition
manipulation tool such as gdisk or gnu-fdisk ?

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