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No Flash-based audio in Google Chrome/Chromium with a USB Sound Card

Hi All,

I am apologizing for the long post now.  I installed Wheezy a couple
weeks ago on my workstation and things are fantastic....with the
exception of a Flash-based audio problem: I don't have audio from any
Flash-based media (Youtube, Vimeo, or otherwise) in either Google
Chrome or Chromium.  I installed the pepperflashplugin-nonfree plugin
and have followed much of the documentation on the Debian Wiki
regarding this issue.  Removing and reinstalling both Chrome and
Pepper Flash have not changed the situation.  I have also spent
several hours Googling this problem without resolve.  I don't have
this Flash-based audio problem with Iceweasel.  Playing audio/video
from Audacious and VLC work fine.

My motherboard is an ASRock 990FX Extreme9 with its own onboard NVidia
audio chip.  I disabled this sound card a long time ago in the BIOS.
My audio interface is a USB Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 which ALSA

I installed Wheezy via the DVD using the Expert Installer and a
minimal install which included SSH and the base system.
Post-installation I installed xorg, openbox, and some other
desktop-related packages as well as multimedia stuff from the
deb-multimedia repo.  Some other things worth noting:

1) I have Wheezy installed on my ThinkPad L530 with the same (or at
least darn-near identical) installation method and package selection
and uses the laptop's onboard audio.  The laptop doesn't experience
this problem *at all* and instead works just fine.

2) This workstation is also dualbooted with Windows 7 Professional
where I also use Google Chrome and do not experience this audio

3) I have had other distributions (CentOS 6.5 and openSUSE 13.1,
respectively) installed on this machine with the SAME hardware
configuration and never experienced these Chrome/Chromium audio

Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there some sound-related configuration
I'm missing or have I stumbled across a bug?

Pete Orrall
"If there isn't a way, I'll make one."

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