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Re: boot fails on jessie on Acer Travelmate

On Wed, 03 Dec 2014 03:04:00 +0100 Pierre Couderc sent:

> > Save the file and the do an apt-get update  and  apt-get upgrade.
> > When this is complete and everything is configured.  
> I did that. But I had to repeat the upgrade operation many times
> until I get a clear system with no more packet loaded with the last
> upgrade.

Strange indeed. 

Update, so I have found, is only one pass. Upgrade is also only one
pass, unless you do apt-get dist-upgrade after upgrade. That will often
bring in new packages or want to remove some.

If your bandwidth drops out or is particularly slow you might need to
upgrade a couple of times, but you should get a message that the server
wasn't found or lost etc..

I have never had your problem?

But then things might have changed recently, and I don't have to install
any Debian system for anyone at the moment so can't test it.

Have you tried a different mirror? I sometimes need to do that because
there is work being done on the one I use and it delivers an error
message telling me that the packages aren't signed? Or just wait.

Otherwise my apologies for I have no idea what else might be the matter.

Hope you can resolve it or someone who actually has some idea about
what's causing this speaks up.

Be well,

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