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Re: Debian 6 gone wonky overnight

On 2014-12-01, Bret Busby <bret.busby@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I am running Debian 6 on this computer.
> Overnight, the appearance of the GUI has changed (running GNOME 2.x, I
> think), with tab labels (if that is the correct term) changed in
> appearance, so theat they take many times as much length, now allowing
> only about 6 tabs to be displayed in a window, and, the network icon
> in the taskbar, persistently shows "No Network Connection", even
> though the network connection is funtioning normally.

That sort of craziness happens when the gconf daemon has crashed. Try
starting it manually, or simply log out and back in again.

> Also, once again (it happens from time to time), in printing a
> document via Open Office, where each '1' is displayed on the screen, a
> 'p' is printed in the printed version of the document.

No idea about that one.

> Is the last set of updates, wonky, or, has some sort of virus, struck?

Very unlikely.



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