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Re: Replacing systemd in Jessie

On 01/12/14 01:15, Patrick Bartek wrote:
There are work-arounds for dist-upgrading to Jessie without installing
systemd as the init, but you'll still have systemd dependencies
(libraries usually) for software like GNOME3 or cups or udev to
deal with. And you'll have to be on guard that some app doesn't pull in
systemd in its entirety as the init.

There is a simple mechanism, described in the draft Release Notes for Debian jessie, which can be used to guarantee that APT will not attempt to install the package "systemd-sysv" (which makes systemd be the system initialization and service supervision daemon) when upgrading from wheezy (or at any subsequent point unless and until you, by deliberate action, remove the pin):


Having taken this step, there is then no need for you to be personally "on guard" against having your init system changed to systemd, as your computer will be faithfully "on guard" on your behalf.

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