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Re: USB problem, hardware issue

On 21/11/14 11:50, Joel Roth wrote:
I upgraded sid, either to get new versions of software,
and to avoid too long a gap in time (which I was told could
lead to problem in upgrades having too cross too much
"distance".) I note that apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade did
not advise installing new kernels.

In general, apt-get {dist-,}upgrade will never advise installing new kernels. It will install new kernels automatically if you have the linux-image-ARCHNAME metapackage for your architecture installed; if you don't have that metapackage installed (e.g. because you compile your own kernels), then new kernels (other than minor upgrades of the currently installed kernel version, if you're using a packaged kernel) will only be installed if you explicitly install them.

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