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Block size confusion.

Dear experts,

i know its frustrating because i always ask theoretical question. i hope and believe you guyz will not mind and  i really learn alot from this list.

So, coming to the point, I want to clear my confusion on block size. theoretically i  know what block size is but practically i dont know that what are the reasons that one might want to change the block size and how it effects the IO performance.

i have heard that people would want to use bigger block size if they are hosting or storing big files like videos, or other big size data. on the other hand people recommends to use small size when we have many small files. actually i know the science behind that if i create a bigger block size and file size is small it will create the same size file as block size which end up eating space when we have large database of small file. 

so in context of above. my questions are.

why to change the block size? and what are the basic reasons that make some one to think about that?

did it really help in increasing the performance by changing the block size?

can it effect the RAID (mdadm) or hardware RAID performance if we change the block size?
what is the deference b/w block size and cylinder. ?

why it is recommended that we should use same size of block in both VG and LV as the size of PV?


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