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iceweasel does not execute perl scripts

I am trying to set up the apache server with mod_perl so that I can
execute perl scripts in the browser itself.

I have the following packages installed

rajulocal@hogwarts:~/public_html/perl$ dpkg -l \*apache\* | grep ^ii
ii  apache2                   2.4.10-6        amd64        Apache HTTP Server
ii  apache2-bin               2.4.10-6        amd64        Apache HTTP
Server (modules and other binary files)
ii  apache2-data              2.4.10-6        all          Apache HTTP
Server (common files)
ii  apache2-utils             2.4.10-6        amd64        Apache HTTP
Server (utility programs for web servers)
ii  libapache-poi-java        3.10-1          all          Apache POI
- Java API for Microsoft Documents
ii  libapache-pom-java        10-2            all          Maven
metadata for all Apache Software projects
ii  libapache2-mod-perl2      2.0.9~1624218-2 amd64        Integration
of perl with the Apache2 web server
ii  libapache2-mod-perl2-doc  2.0.9~1624218-2 all          Integration
of perl with the Apache2 web server - documentation
ii  libapache2-reload-perl    0.12-3          all          module for
reloading Perl modules when changed on disk

My iceweasel version is
rajulocal@hogwarts:~/public_html/perl$ dpkg -l \*iceweasel\* | grep
^ii | grep -v l10n
ii  iceweasel                   31.2.0esr-2~deb7u1   amd64        Web
browser based on Firefox
ii  iceweasel-dbg               31.2.0esr-2~deb7u1   amd64
Debugging symbols for Iceweasel

I checked that the perl module is enabled

root@hogwarts:~# a2enmod perl
Module perl already enabled

I checked that the apache server is running by going to
http://localhost/index.html and that the userdir module is working by
going to http://localhost/~rajulocal/index.html .

I created the following perl script

rajulocal@hogwarts:~/public_html/perl$ cat mod_perl_rules1.pl
print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n";
print "mod_perl rules!\n";

However, if I point the iceweasel brower to
http://localhost/~rajulocal/perl/mod_perl_rules1.pl , it launches the
file download dialog saying

You have chosen to open:
which is: PL file (65 bytes)
from: http://localhost

What should Iceweasel do with this file?
  Open with ...
  Save File
  Do this automatically for files like this from now on.
        Cancel    Ok

Is there some configuration I am missing? I tried looking at articles
such as https://www.debian-administration.org/article/635/A_brief_introduction_to_mod_perl_-_Part_1
but none of them seem to have this problem.

Any thoughts/suggestions/comments are most welcome.

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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