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Re: Latest iceweasel 31.2.0esr crashes X on wheezy 7.7

On 11/14/2014 at 07:32 PM, David wrote:

> I run wheezy 7.7 on several 12" IBM X24 machines with 640k RAM.

640K?? I wouldn't expect iceweasel to even load without at least a few
hundred times that much.

> I recently upgraded iceweasel:i386 24.8.1esr-1~deb7u1 ->
> 31.2.0esr-2~deb7u1.
> Before, it was fine. But now it crashes X frequently, so I lose my
> work and have to restart X and all X apps. It happens intolerably
> often.
> I use adblock, downloadhelper, noscript, nukeanything extensions.
> X is started by lightdm and lxde.
> How can I revert iceweasel to the previous version?

If the previous version is still available from the current repository:

apt-get install iceweasel=exact_version_string_of_previous_version

(And you may also need to specify xulrunner and libmozjs* packages, with
their exact package versions.)

If it is not, you can try adding other repos, such as stable - but AFAIK
the exact version you mention is not available in any current repo

You can check /var/cache/apt/archives/ and see if the appropriate *.deb
files for those packages at those versions are still available, and
install them manually with 'dpkg -i filename.deb'.

If the appropriate packages aren't (all) available there, you can
download them from snapshot.debian.org and install them the same way.

> Any other advice to investigate and restore previous stability and
> functionality on this hardware?
> Below are the relevant tail lines of ~/.xsession-errors


> iceweasel: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X
> server :0.

Errors of this form indicate "This application was still running when X
exited, so it complained that it didn't have an X session available any

None of those errors are helpful in figuring out exactly what caused X
to exit in the first place.

Have you checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log, or similar? That would be more
likely to have potentially relevant information. (If X has been
restarted, you'll need the backup log from a session which crashed.)

In my experience, X crashes are usually either bugs in X or in video
drivers. Which can sometimes be triggered by other applications, yes.

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