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Re: good disk/cpu/videocard temperature display that works in KDE

On Sat, Nov 08, 2014 at 02:56:02PM +1030, Arthur Marsh wrote:
> I finally upgraded my other pc to KDE 4.14.2, and am looking for a
> temperature display for the hard disks, CPU, video card and motherboard.
> It needs to show actual temperatures and also have some labelling of which
> temperature is for what device.

gkrellm, conky... I'd be surprised if there wasn't a native sensors widget for KDE.

You may need to configure things, though. For CPU, motherboard and
possibly GPU temperature, install 'lm-sensors'. Run "sensors-detect" and
follow the wizard to detect what sensors you have, then run "sensors" to
see the values. Adjustments can be configured if the readings are wrong
- see the manpage.

For the hard drive, install "hddtemp", which will read the information
from the SMART interface.

> Any suggestions?
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