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Re: proofing searchable pdf files

On 10/31/2014 04:15 PM, Doug wrote:
On 10/31/2014 06:31 PM, Gary Roach wrote:
On 10/30/2014 05:47 PM, Gary Roach wrote:
Hi all,

This is part of a medium sized, low budget archiving project that will process serveral thousand documents, all done by low tech volunteers. So I really need methods that are straight forward or can be automated to the idiot level. A method that will split the vector graphics and text files apart, allow editing of the text file and reassembling of the file is needed. I am having trouble believing that there isn't software out there that will do this but I have not been able to find it.

Your comments so far have pointed me in several different directions but I still haven't found an efficient (or even viable) editing method.

Your help is really appreciated.

Gary R.

Inkscape uses vector graphics. Can you open the file in Inkscape? Don't know what it might do with two layers.

I mentioned a drafting program earlier--DraftSight or AutoCAD LT. If you have one of these (DraftSight is free to non-commercial users) maybe you can cut and paste the two-layer file from whatever opened it into the cad program, and then separate the layers, since the cad program natively uses layers in its layout program, so as, for example, to show two sides of a circuit board, or whatever. It is designed to let you look at one layer or the other, or both together. The trick, obviously, is to separate the layers, and I don't have any idea if D/S will do that for you. Maybe you could convert the file from whatever type it is into a .dwg file, which would be native to the cad programs. Or a .dxf file. AutoCad and DraftSight should be able to read either format. (The native format is .dwg, but you can import
a .dxf file. It's designed to do that.

I have a 64 bit OS. DraftSight on a 64 bit system is a mess to set up. Don't want to go there. I already have Autocad 14 running under VirtualBox. I have yet to get a file to transfer from my Linux directories to my VirtualBox directories. This approach is way beyond the capability of the planned users. Sorry, no joy.

I haven't used Inkscape before, have installed it and am still checking things out.

I find it hard to believe that I am the first person to ever need to proof and edit searchable PDF's with software usable by a Personal Assistant or equivalent. This is very frustrating.

Gary R.

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