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Re: Camera SD card mounting problems (defined by systemd)

Charles Kroeger:
I think it's ludicrous that  adding an SD card that even has its own
> line in /etc/fstab, throws the whole system into 'emergency' mode.

I see from other messages in this thread that I'm not the only person to think it equally ludicrous to have a workflow that involves rebooting the entire machine just to mount and unmount a removable block device. Indeed, even editing /etc/fstab doesn't need to be part of such a workflow. Just mark the entry as non-automatic (also correcting your spelling mistake that is the root of your problem here, of course), so that it has to be explicitly mounted by hand, and then mount and unmount it with the mount and umount commands, or whatever GUI equivalent you may enjoy.

And that's just the widespread NON-systemd way of doing things that applies even when one is not using systemd; I'll come to the raw systemd way in my next message. It's the usual way that one handles removable block devices, be they SD cards, CD-ROMs, floppy discs, or something else. Look at http://home.ubalt.edu/abento/linux/terminal/mount.html (to pick an example off the WWW at random) and you'll see this workflow documented 14 years ago. http://codecoffee.com./tipsforlinux/articles/035.html is from 13 years ago and shows the same "noauto" and "mount"/"umount" workflow. There are loads more like these. No rebooting the entire machine, or even editing /etc/fstab, is required.

Charles Kroeger:
What is meant by  media-lumix(back slash!)x2dphotos.mount(?)

It's the name of a systemd mount unit. The manual page for systemd.mount(5) tells you about mount units. It refers you to the manual page for systemd.unit(5) for the naming convention. Applying the explanation found on that latter manual page, one can easily see that "media-lumix\x2dphotos" decodes to the filesystem pathname "/media/lumix-photos". So this is the name of the systemd mount unit that has been automatically generated for the "/media/lumix-photos" directory.

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