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Re: piece of mind (Re: Moderated posts?)

On Thu, 16 Oct 2014 00:54:02 +0100
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard-newsgroups@NTLWorld.com>

> wanderer@fastmail.fm:
> > I have a similar lack of  awareness and/or understanding about all
> > of
>  > the *kit packages / projects / tools / what-have-you, actually; I'm
>  > not positive I even know how many there are, much less all of their
>  > names.
> This should help:
> Put yourself in the position of someone writing a "desktop" system
> for Linux and the BSDs.  You've reached the part where you're writing
> a "control panel" gadget for allowing system administrators (and 

[clip amazingly detailed and helpful summary of the helper daemons and

Thank you Jonathan. I have a much better understanding of the situation

Interestingly, the stuff Jonathan described was part of my reason for
migrating from Ubuntu to Debian. I've always felt unease at those GUI
admin tools. And also, of course, Plymouth isn't required in Debian
(unless you use Xfce, but then you can just disable Plymouth).

Let me ask you one more question: Is there any way that I personally
could make wicd independent of all of those helper daemons that are now
welded to systemd, or would I have to drop all the way back to
wpa-supplicant to get rid of the need for those daemons?



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