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Re: Jessie and Systemd integration

T.J. Duchene:
> Why is it not possible to create a completely generic shell script - basically ala SysV  that can parse systemd config files for those use cases where Systemd is undesirable?

Your question takes a falsehood as its premise.  It is far from
impossible to parse .INI files with shell script.  Ten seconds' work
turns up people on Stack Overflow discussing several ways of achieving
this very thing: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6318809/  I'm sure
that that's not the only such question, but I stopped there.  It is
also possible for a daemon supervisor other than systemd to be capable
of importing systemd (service and socket) unit files, which is what
you're really getting at.

You're asking the wrong questions.  "Why is it impossible to write
something that is architecturally different to systemd but that can
share unit files made for it?" is not the right question.  Even "Why
hasn't anyone written such a thing and made a .deb or two?" is the
wrong question.  (-:

Some suggestions for right questions for you:

 *  "Is there a handy Debian package that contains just multilog so
that I can have it alongside?"
 *  "Does Wayne Marshall's sissylog have a Debian package?"
 *  "What is the status of systembsd?  Was it really last changed in
March 1973?"
 *  "What BSD rc.d scripts remain to be converted?"
 *  "What about some form of tmpfiles equivalent, more robust than
that BSD shell script?"


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