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Re: watching films full screen

On 07/07/2014 11:08 PM, François Patte wrote:

1- I would like to configure kaffeine for a "real full screen ie.
without any visible xfce panels. There are only one option in the menu
"configuration": choosing the startup mode!

I had a similar bug with XFCE and VLC causing a "partial" full screen on Wheezy. If VLC is maximized, i.e. takes the whole screen except XFCE bars, enabling the full screen mode (by menu item or shortcut) results in a partial full screen: VLC goes in full screen mode but XFCE bars remain visible. If VLC is not maximized, i.e. other windows are visible, enabling the full screen mode results in a real full screen, i.e. VLC contents takes really the full screen.

2- How to prevent dpms action when on fullscreen mode?

xset -dpms or xset s off


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