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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Mon 07 Jul 2014 at 17:53:24 +0100, Brian wrote:

> With systemd-journald running or not running ('systemctl mask
> systemd-journald') 'ps ax' shows /usr/sbin/rsyslogd listening. Messages
> are logged to the usual places in /var/log. You can be confident that
> the information you already had about binary logs with journald was not
> false.

And if this reassurance is not convincing there is


  With my rsyslog (and systemd maintainer) hat on, let me add a few
  remarks here:

  We still do install rsyslog by default and will continue to do so for
  the forseeable future (for reasons like the one you mentioned).

  So your text-based logs won't be gone with the switch to systemd.
  Let me repeat that: Jessie will have text-based logs, nothing in that
  regard changes.
  Actually it does: systemd can feed additional information into syslog
  (e.g. from daemons stdout/stderr), so you'll get a syslog with more
  complete information when running under systemd.

  As for journald, we currently don't enable persistent logging in
  journald (persistent logging can be done by creating a folder
  /var/log/journal with the appropriate permissions).

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