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Re: Deluge disappears

Le 02.07.2014 14:57, criego duncan a écrit :
I'm running debian testing and keep it pretty up-to-date.  I did
'aptitude update' then 'aptitude dist-upgrade' both yesterday and the
day before. Last night i noticed that deluge was completely gone from my system. I never intentially uninstalled it. So i looked through the dpkg & aptitude logs in /var/log and the string "deluge" does not appear
in any of these files.

The one unusual thing is that the day before yesterday i deleted
everything that had to do with enlightenment (e17), which i had been
using and installed openbox & lxpanel.

This seems totally bizarre to me.  All the deluge packages i had
installed (i was running the classic interface) were gone.  I
reinstalled and so now they're back, but my configuration is not being picked up because it no longer recognizes any torrents as being present.

How could several packages disappear from my system (a) without my
explicitly doing it (deluge & deluge-gtk would not be automatically
removed due to dependencies because they're not dependent on anything)
and (b) with no trace of this happening in /var/log/aptitude* &
/var/log/dpkg* ???

There was a thread recently about removal of packages when using aptitude's update commands. Did you verify when you did that update the list of packages which were planned to be added, removed and updated? Aptitude may have warned you about this, since deluge may have been installed as a dependency of another package (a DE meta-package for example).

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