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apache 2.4.9 and libapache2-mod-perl2 on jessie/sid

Hello All,

Trying to use a spare Jessie/desktop box as a temporary mirror for some wheezy boxes (which all work like a charm).

No matter what I do, perl scripts do not run, they just display in the browser as source code.

Permissions, locations, etc. are all identical to the wheezy boxes and the packages installed without a hitch.

Am I missing something? Or, as google says, is 2.4.9/mod_perl still busted?

A whack with the clue-by-four would be appreciated. Can anyone provide me with a working Directory stanza for this setup? Or will I need to fire up a wheezy VM on that machine?



John Bleichert          -    syborg@earthlink.net
The heat from below can burn your eyes out!

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