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Recent net stats oddity with Wheezy KVM sessions

In the past month or two, I have consistently encountered an odd problem with 
Wheezy on an AMD 8350 CPU. I never had this problem with my quad Phenom-II.

The problem
When I install recent builds of 32- and 64-bit Smoothwall Express 3.1 in a KVM 
on 64-bit Wheezy, everything seems to work well. Except for one thing. 
Smoothwall has a program that collects interface byte & packet peg counts from 
iptACCOUNT and possibly directly from netfilter every two seconds. The 
bandwidthbars and trafficmonitor UI pages are supposed to display the current 
bit rate. This problem makes the displayed rates climb very slowly and fall 
glacially. Also, the interfaces are weird. I've seen it display 170Mb/s 
throughput through a 100Mb/s NIC, and at least 1.9Gb/s through a physical gigE 
LAN. And no transmit/receive errors appear on any NIC's ifconfig output.

It happens on kernel 3.2, 3.12 and 3.14. It happens with Wheezy's kvm() and 
with qemu 1.7.x built from scratch. It happens with emulated e1000 NICs and 
with virtio.

The exact same ISO installed on iron with a dual-core Athlon works as 
expected. And it works OK in that other computer in a KVM on Squeeze. (In 
fact, I NFS-mounted my KVM stuff from the desktop to this test system, so the 
method is identical.)

I haven't yet tried removing the HDs from my vishera desktop and installing 
the ISO directly. Or booting the Squeeze HD on the vishera. Or trying a 
different distro. Or even installing Wheezy from scratch on a spare drive.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this in KVM sessions on Wheezy? Or is it 
just my recent bad luck with computers?

Where/how should I dig to narrow down the scope of the problem?

Is it possible to install older kernels, qemu/kvm and other pkgs as needed to 
try to find a combination that works?


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