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Re: Resizing LVM issue

On 06/05/2014 08:42 AM, Richard Hector wrote:

If I have to shrink a filesystem, I tend to shrink it to something
smaller than my eventual goal, then shrink the LV to the goal, then
resize2fs again without specifying the size, so it grows to fit.

I prefer not to get in the situation where I have to shrink a filesystem
though - xfs doesn't support it anyway.


Thanks for suggestions. Well I would not shrink the filesystem (actually a part of it) if I did not need more space on /tmp (as a part of the LVM). Anyway, after this experience, may I suggest to LVM programmers to think about some software routines that would enable users to recompose (resize, shrink, whatever ...) their LVM from within a mounted system, in a way that after the next reboot, the LVM and FS automatically recomposes itself - so to avoid common mistakes.


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