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Re: Forcing question to be asked while presseeding

Richard Owlett wrote:
Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide
   Appendix B. Automating the installation using preseeding
     B.5.2. Using preseeding to change default values
     B.2.2. Using boot parameters to preseed questions
suggest that I should be able to accomplish my goal. I need some
actual example to understand what the text is saying.
[snip red herring producer]

B.5.2 states
/begin quote
It is possible to use preseeding to change the default answer for a question, but still have the question asked. To do this the seen flag must be reset to “false” after setting the value for a question.

d-i foo/bar string value
d-i foo/bar seen false
/end quote

Does anyone have any known example of this working for any value of "foo/bar"?

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