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Re: Create backup of system-connections on a USB stick

On 1/06/2014 3:46 PM, Horatio Leragon wrote:
>> "Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere"
>> - [T]he [A]mnesic [I]ncognito [L]ive [S]ystem (based on Debian)
>> - this is a TOR project.
> How is Tails relevant to answering my question?

Just how they handle this kind of data in a persistent manner and from a
user point of view, not from a system point of view.  Saving WiFi keys
and the like.  It's quite neat.

I won't go in to details of how the data is saved, but it is fairly easy
to see if you try it out.

> Are you a troll?

Are you kidding?????

Kind Regards

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