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Re: Systemd

On Sunday 27 April 2014 00:14:24 Chris Angelico wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 8:02 AM, Joe Pfeiffer <pfeiffer@cs.nmsu.edu> wrote:
> > I've never had a car stop dead due to the idle mixture going out of
> > spec.  When something has gone seriously enough wrong with one of my
> > cars to stop it, the fact that it had a carburetor (as my daily driver,
> > a '78 Chrysler Newport, does) or a computer has been totally
> > irrelevant.
> The last time I was in a vehicle with bad idle settings was a
> Volkswagen Kombi - a nine-seater van. Not only could you tweak the
> idling with a screwdriver (at least, I think that's what Dad used - it
> was his, not mine), you didn't even have to exit to do so, because the
> engine settings sat between the front two seats! Is that the
> equivalent of running everything in a terminal?
> ChrisA

Guys - Debian, please?  (And I know that I often sin - perhaps it is a case 
of "do what I say and not what I do"? ;-)  )


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