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Re: Systemd

staticsafe <me@staticsafe.ca> writes:

> On 4/24/2014 19:15, latincom@vcn.bc.ca wrote:
>> Hello list:
>> Have you read this stupid things?
>> http://boycottsystemd.org/
>> https://igurublog.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/tso-and-linus-and-the-impotent-rage-against-systemd/
> What a waste of bits indeed.

But there's something just special about

    1. systemd flies in the face of the Unix philosophy: "do one thing
    and do it well," representing a complex collection of dozens of
    binaries. <snip>

since lots of little binaries is *exactly* how one has each binary do
one thing and do it well.

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