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Re: Mysql database dump quit working

> I have a mediawiki site running on Mysql db; I just started getting this
> message on my automated backup;
> mysqldump: Got error: 144: Table './mywiki/searchindex' is marked as
> crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed when using LOCK TABLES

  The table is marked as crashed, and an automatic attempt to repair

  Use the MySQL command-line client to repair the table manually:

    mysql --user=root --pass
     > USE mediawiki ;    - Or whatever your DB is called
     > REPAIR TABLE `searchindex`;

  If that fails you should restore your backup.  

> Any ideas?

  Wasn't the message clear?  If not you might wish to submit a bug
 report to the MySQL people to suggest alternative wording which
 makes the problem more explicit.


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