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Re: Sudo Autoremove wanting to kill my system?

On Tue, 2014-04-22 at 16:29 -0500, c. marlow wrote:
> Holy cow Andrei, that package you told me to install, installed like a
> ton of things that were not even in the iso I downloaded from
> debian.org.
> So far so good, going to go back and reinstall all the codecs for flash etc.
> I went though and told synaptic to remove all apps I installed ( total
> removal) and reinstalled them to be sure.
> Evolution, Cairo dock, vlc, chromium,
> but now I have two of some stuff.... Like 2 task managers, 2
> screenshot apps, and they're the same both XFCE versions. its like
> that task-xfce  package doubled everything?

Unfortunately I can't change the address I use for Xubuntu user from
Alice to Rocketmail or Yahoo, I don't receive a conformation mail. And
for some other reason I need to run evolution --force-shutdown all trhe
times, still for a downgraded version of Evolution. Mailing with Linux
nowadays becomes tricky :D.

However, I planed to send this to the "[xubuntu-users] highlighting and
clicking in EVOLUTION" thread:

This likely is an issue I experienced a long time ago too. Perhaps for
Ubunbtu Studio (Xubuntu) only, but more likely for all of my Linux
installs (e.g. Arch too). I guess it's related to the used GTK version
and/or the used version of Evolution.

My recommendation to the OP is to stay with one Linux distro and then
try to learn how to fix issues. While I guess there's no fix for the
Evolution issue he's experiencing now, but to wait for an upgrade.
However, the OP is a novice experiencing issues with Debian and Xubuntu,
not trying to fix issues, but to install one thing after the other.

_My recommendation to the OP is to stay with one distro, one DE, one
choice of apps and to learn how to fix issues._

Evolution might not be the MUA you want to use, ask the community for a
better MUA.

Switching distros could be helpful if you know what you do, but unlikely
will help you to solve the problems a novice will experience.

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