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Re: Network Performance Degrading over random amount of time

On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 9:01 PM,  <h@xx0r.eu> wrote:
> Ive tried diffrent things so far:
> - Switched from a switched cabling setup to Crosslink.
> - Swapped out the cheap asrock motherboard with asus
> - Changed from onboard realtek network chip to PCI Intel Gbit card
> - Reinstalled OS several times
> - Testing from diffrent clients (Win 7, Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu)
> - Downloading vendor drivers and using them instead of the kernel inbuild
> ones
> Nothing so far had worked to get my gbit speeds stable over a few days.

Crazy-stupid idea, but is it possible there's some other traffic
happening? Pull up a monitor (gnome-system-monitor has a nice graph,
or you can just watch the numbers in ifconfig or equivalent) and see
if it's somehow saturated.


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