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Re: Parallel port Iomega ZIP-drive, no imm or ppa module in Debian Jessie?

On Sun 20 Apr 2014 at 16:13:24 +0200, Adrian Christiansen wrote:

> I've found a printer port Iomega ZIP-drive a while ago and want to
> test if it's working. From want I've found out there's two modules
> required for the SCSI over Printer Port interface that Iomega used on
> these drives, imm and ppa. However I can't load these modules and they
> don't seem to be included in the Debian versions of the 3.12 kernel.
> I've checked the source listing of the kernel.org 3.12 kernel and
> there are indeed imm and ppa modules still in the kernel. So how do I
> build these?, do I have to build a new kernel from source or can I
> build just the modules somehow?

If it helps:

   brian@desktop:~$ locate imm ppa  | grep scsi

This is on stable and you might need a 3.12 kernel for other reasons.

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