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Ad-Hoc Configuration

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to configure an Ad-Hoc network on my laptop for my cellphone.

The laptop connects to the university WiFi network through wlan1. The university WiFi network authorizes access through MAC address. Therefore, my cellphone cannot connect to the university WiFi network.

I've created an Ad-Hoc network with laptop's wlan0, which is configured as:

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
    wireless-channel 1
    wireless-essid chen
    wireless-mode ad-hoc
    wireless-key somepasswd

I've also set up an isc-dhcp-server, which listens only to wlan0. The subnet is configured as:

subnet netmask {
   default-lease-time 3600;
   max-lease-time 3600;
   option subnet-mask;
   option broadcast-address;
   option routers;
   option domain-name-servers;
   option domain-name "aann.tk";

So mycell can now connect to the ad-hoc network. I can ping the cellphone from the laptop. However, the cellphone cannot access internet. I tried to bridge wlan0 and wlan1, but failed. Apparently wireless interfaces cannot be bridged.

My question is this. How can I configure the network on my laptop so my cellphone can access internet?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,


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