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Re: UEFI install

On 18/04/14 12:33 AM, Corey Blair wrote:
I got a new laptop without a CD/DVD drive and am trying to install off a USB image and either dual boot my pre-installed windows 8.1 or just wipe and use strictly Debian. I get all the way to the point of installing GRUB and it fails. I've read that this may have something to do with the disk being GPT instead of MBR? How do I get a dual boot Windows 8.1 and Debian Wheezy install? Or at the least have Debian successfully installed (although I'm afraid of wiping the HDD and losing the ability to revert back to Windows)

You may not be able to. The problem may be that Wheezy is too old. Coexistence with UEFI is still developing.

However, Wheezy can handle GPT disks just fine.

To test this, turn of UEFI in the BIOS and try the install again. To make things easier, first use Windows disk manager to shrink the Windows partition. Create a new partition in the free space and also leave a small empty (a few hundred megabytes) space somewhere for the EFI System Partition.

Then start the Wheezy install. If that works, turn UEFI back on and try booting into both OSs.

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