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Re: Network interfaces die when laptop lid closes in Fluxbox

I should include that my wireless card is an Intel 7260AC, and my
ethernet card is an Intel I217-LM. Both get disabled.

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 7:00 PM, Brian Cottingham <spiffytech@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've installed Debian Jessie on a new computer. When I run Fluxbox or
> XFCE and close my laptop lid (the laptop does not sleep when the lid
> closes), all network interfaces are disconnected and NetworkManager
> doesn't know they exist anymore ("Networking is disabled". Clicking
> "Enable networking" has no effect.). I have to restart the networking
> and network-manager services for them to work again.
> This doesn't happen if I run KDE.
> Here is my output from `tail -F /var/log/syslog` when I close and
> reopen the laptop lid: http://pastebin.com/gcVSqeg7
> I suspect this is a NetworkManager problem, since if I stop the
> network-manager service and configure the network interfaces manually,
> they don't disconnect. I do see NetworkManager doing some stuff in the
> log that sound an awful lot like disabling my network, but I can't
> figure out why it would do that.
> What could be going on here?

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