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Re: debmirror not installing libdigest-sha-perl, even though it is a dependency

Zenaan Harkness <zen@freedbms.net> writes:

> On 4/9/14, Kushal Kumaran <kushal.kumaran+debian@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Zenaan Harkness <zen@freedbms.net> writes:
>>> Any idea why the following:
>>> $ dpkg -s debmirror|grep Status
>>> Status: install ok installed
>>> $ apt-cache show debmirror|grep Depends
>>> Depends: perl (>= 5.10), libnet-perl, libdigest-md5-perl,
>>> libdigest-sha-perl, liblockfile-simple-perl, rsync, bzip2, libwww-perl
>>> (>= 5.815), libnet-inet6glue-perl
>>> $ dpkg -s libdigest-sha-perl|grep Status
>>> dpkg-query: package 'libdigest-sha-perl' is not installed and no
>>> information is available
>> The perl package provides libdigest-sha-perl.
>> https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/libdigest-sha-perl
> So why is it also a separate package? It is clear I am not
> understanding something here.

I'm not sure either.  Perhaps the libdigest-sha-perl package was
introduced at some point in the past when Digest::SHA was not yet
included in the perl package itself.  If you absolutely must get to the
bottom of this, try asking on the #debian-perl IRC channel or the
debian-perl mailing list.


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