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apache ssl without virtualhosts?

Hi all,

I'm trying to add SSL to my (debian packaged) ledgersmb setup.

The ledgersmb package sets up the apache config in conf.d, so it's not
in a VirtualHost.

But when I put 'SSLEngine on' in the global config, I get an error in
the logs that it should be in a VirtualHost block, and the server fails
to start.

Surely VirtualHosts are an optional feature? And the docs I can find
about the SSLEngine directive say it can be used in Context: server
config, virtual host.

Any tips as to where it should go, when I'm not using Virtual Hosts (at
least not for SSL)?

Or is it the fact that I've got the stock debian apache config with a
single (non-ssl) NameVirtualHost that's giving me grief?


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