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Re: Switching OS

On 11/04/14 13:30, Stephen Barr wrote:
> I have been using Ubuntu for several years now but all of a sudden it
> has begun locking up, sometimes several times a day. Very annoying,
> especially when it fouls up file names. I have a lot of work to do on my
> website and this is driving me crazy. Can I download Debian, delete
> Ubuntu and have Debian accept the Ubuntu files? 

Unless I misunderstand your meaning, no.

What you can do is wipe Ubuntu and install Debian while preserving your
home directory data, and reusing many of your system and user-space
customisations, while installing as many of the Debian versions of the
Ubuntu apps as possible.
This is easiest if you have /home on a separate partition but always
possible even if you RAID or have a simple single slice install.

Please provide the following information and we'll give you a
step-by-step guide to the process.

1. How have you setup Ubuntu?
(lvm, luks, disk and slice details).

2. How much free space do you have on the box?

3. What backup choices do you have?
(external hard drives, USB Keys, CD/DVDs, networked box/es, and how much

4. Which version of Ubuntu is installed.

5. What are the details of your box?
(lspci, mb make and model)

> Sounds simple (I hope).

Relatively. It can be done safely, which is the most important thing.
Should take you about two hours to do (depending on how much data needs
to be backed up and how much you'd customised your Ubuntu install.

> Thank you, Stephen

Kind regards

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