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Re: Where's tkmixer?

I don't use tk but it is here https://packages.debian.org/sid/sound/tkmixer

On 04/10/2014 07:41 PM, R. Clayton wrote:
I'm running

   $ uname -a
   Linux UlanBator 3.10-2-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.10.5-1 (2013-08-07) i686 GNU/Linux

   $ cat /etc/debian_version


updated weekly, and I finally got around to noticing that tkmixer has

   $ sudo apt-get update
   Get:1 http://mirror.cc.columbia.edu testing InRelease [166 kB]
   [ blah blah blah ]
   Reading package lists... Done

   $ whereis tkmixer

   $ dpkg -l tkmixer
   dpkg-query: no packages found matching tkmixer

   $ apt-cache search tkmixer


This apparently happened during the 2014 March 23 update, which did, among
other things

   The following packages will be REMOVED:
     tcl8.4 tk8.4 tkmixer
   The following NEW packages will be installed:
     libtcl8.5 libtcl8.6 libtk8.5 libtk8.6 tcl8.6 tk8.6

and didn't re-install tkmixer, which is, as they say, a bummer.

Where is the tkmixer .deb?  Failing that, where is the tkmixer source?  The
tkmixer sourceforge project ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/tkmixer ) has
zero files.

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