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Re: Can't patch Heartbleed bug?

On 10.04.2014 08:56, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:
I'm running Debian Wheezy 7.4 on a server in Amazon's EC2, that i
installed, recently, from the official Debian AMI. I havent made any
changes to the package infrastructure.

I'm trying to fix the Heartbleed bug, but my system seems to think
everything is up to date. 

My /etc/apt/sources.list has:

  deb http://cloudfront.debian.net/debian wheezy main 
  deb-src http://cloudfront.debian.net/debian wheezy main 
  deb http://cloudfront.debian.net/debian wheezy-updates main 
  deb-src http://cloudfront.debian.net/debian wheezy-updates main

I believe you're missing security updates as wheezy-updates is not the same. If I recall, cloudfront.debian.net didn't include security.debian.org to keep security updates at a single location.

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