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Re: mbox files - can they be "compacted"?

On Du, 06 apr 14, 14:10:09, Rafał Radecki wrote:
> Hi All ;)
> Is there an option to compact large mbox files from the shell? I did not
> find anything in google, I have some very large constantly updated mbox
> files and would like to know if they can be made smaller with any tool.
> AFAIK mutt does such operation when for example an email is deleted but I
> am curious if there are other options.

The operation you are mentioning above should be done automatically by 
any utility processing mboxes, so your only other option of reducing the 
size is to use some kind of compression. Looking through the output of

    apt-cache search mbox

reveals several utilities to do that more or less automated.

Kind regards,
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