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Re: trouble installing on old laptop

On Fri, 07 Feb 2014, Marcus wrote:

> I'm trying to install Debian on an old laptop (Dell Lat 420) to do
> some development work. I'm getting the message that I need the
> non-free iwlwifi-4965-2.ucode file
> I've tried installing without thinking that I can apt-get firmware
> after installing but base install fails because it “can't find a
> kernel” ???
> I've tried using several non-free net install iso's to no avail – any 
> suggestions??

Yes.  Since you're doing a net CD install, and you need an Internet
connection, have you tried wired ethernet instead of wireless?  If you
can, turn off the wireless transceiver before beginning the install.
Or download the first CD of the Debian version you're trying to
install, and do the install from it.  It doesn't need an Internet
connection, since all the files needed (mostly) from the Base Install to
Desktop are on that first CD.


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