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Re: Advice sought for Squeeze to Wheezy upgrade

On Wed 05 Feb 2014 at 16:20:48 +0100, JK4 wrote:

>  I would like to upgrade from Squeeze to Wheezy, and I'd read this
> should be easy... Mine is an email ( postfix dovecot.
>  ) and apache server with mysql from DotDeb. 

The definitive advice is: read and reread the Release Notes.

> Why should I upgrade? My only reason for upgrading is for OpenSSL
> version 1, if I were to be honest. 

Sounds good.

> I would like to ensure that when I do an "apt-get upgrade and then
> apt-get dist-upgrade after changing my sources.lst from squeeze to
> wheezy, I don't end up with a broken server! perhaps I should pin my
> dotdeb packages for mysql in case this breaks.

Pinning packaage is ok. What will you do at the next upgrade? You have
to be prepared to experience the pain (if any).

> I was wondering if somebody could offer me some advice on this? I 've
> included my current sources.lst if it' s useful.

You do not seem concerned by what happens to dovecot. My advice would be
to do a seach to take a look at this.

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