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Re: grub efi does not find windows

On 02/03/2014 03:28 AM, berenger.morel@neutralite.org wrote:


No mention of any windows'efi file anywere. I just rechecked on the partition that I suspect to have it before my installation ( aka: sda1, a 1GB large partition containing a folder named "Boot" at root ) and no more luck. Sounds like all informations needed to boot windows lacks now... I guess I'll have to try to rebuild them, if possible, or... reinstall windows? I doubt I can: the restore files were on a partition that I had to delete to be able to create mines ( despite any good sense, they used the 4 primary partitions slots, when only one needed to be bootable! I wonder how could those people could say they are computer scientists, really! And it takes no more time to create secondary partition than primary ones... grrr! But at least I know why I will never go back to default installations for my personal uses. )...

Any idea?

You think they're dumb--dumb like a fox! They figure if they used up all the partitions, it would keep people from installing another OS on the drive!
And maybe, in a few cases, it does!


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