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Extending fluxbox menu with a script.

I am trying to write a bash script which has this line in it - 

mv ~/.fluxbox/menu ~/.fluxbox/menu-$(/bin/date +%Y%m%d-%R); mmaker
fluxbox -f;;

This line is creating a fluxbox menu which ends with these lines -
'		[restart] (Restart)
		[exit] (Exit)

What I want to do is to add this script onto the end of the first
command, and it is -
# title - submenu

echo		[submenu] (My Menu)
echo		[include] (~/.fluxbox/usermenu)
echo		[end]
echo		[separator]

So the final running command will look like this - 
'mv ~/.fluxbox/menu ~/.fluxbox/menu-$(/bin/date +%Y%m%d-%R); mmaker
fluxbox -f; submenu;;'

and the main menu will look like this at the end -
		[restart] (Restart)
		[exit] (Exit)
		[submenu] (My Menu)
		[include] (~/.fluxbox/usermenu)

But how do I do it please?


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