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Re: sudo questions

root usually does connect to the Internet too, e.g. to run apt, ntp,
etc. pp., even the internet connection for the user has to be
established by root, maybe not by a human being, but at least e.g. on
startup automatically.

You don't have to give a user special permissions, it's the admin's task
to set up what permissions a user should get.

Btw. there is no "old" vs a "new" system. There is no Linux default for
this, you're simply accustomed to use a default of some distros.

Your words: "This is the responsability of every person installing an
os" ;) It's your self-responsibility to set up this things yourself.
Because not everybody is able to do this, at least newbies usually
aren't able to do it, so there are distros that come with default
settings, X and a desktop environment. This has got advantages and
disadvantages. If you don't like it this way, directly make a minimal
install and set up everything yourself.

2 Cents,

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