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Re: Winfast TV 2000XP Expert with Squeeze

Yes, I used to have connected this cable and it worked without problems with sound too on other systems.

So I thought this problem is came not from hardware.

2013/8/13 Selim T. Erdogan <selim@alumni.cs.utexas.edu>
Gábor Hársfalvi, 11.08.2013:
> Dear Users,
> I wish to use my TV/Radio-Tuner but when I run Gnomeradio and found
> stations I can't hear any sounds from it.
> I've set all the available options without any success. :(
> Please Help using Tuner

Around nine or ten years ago I used a TV card and I remember that it
showed the picture without sound, until I used a small cable to connect
the audio output of the TV card to the input of the sound card.

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