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Re: RFE: moving networking out of the kernel and into to user land ...

Albretch Mueller grabbed a keyboard and wrote:
> ~
>  I think, for security reasons and now that we live in a post
> 1984-era, Linux should move networking out of the kernel and into to
> user land.
> ~
>  Well, I know this will entail more than moving some code and
> references and defining a default "networked" user.
> ~
>  Do you know of any such version or knock off of Linux?
> ~
>  lbrtchx

I don't think that the Debian *USER* mailing list is necessarily the
best place to discuss/debate the above stuff. :-)

Since I expect that anything that affects the kernel itself is going to
be handled by the Linux kernel developers, you might want to post the
above questions on the linux-kernel mailing list.

http://www.tux.org/lkml/ should help point you in the right direction.


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