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Re: icedove configuration problem [SOLVED]

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Le 11/08/2013 11:22, François Patte a écrit :
> Bonjour,
> As thunderbird is banned from debian, I try to setup my email
> account using icedove.
> It fails! For 2 reasons:
> 1- I presume that icedove check if my email address is a "valid"
> address (and it is, I use it since almost 20 years at Paris
> Descartes University) in some data bases. As it seems to fail to find
> it, It reject it.... (even using "manual" configuration).
> 2- I use to use an ssh tunnel to link some port (>1048) of my machine
> to the smtp port of the mail server at the university. Icedove allows
> to only use ports 25, 587 and 465....

To fool this behaviour: press button "manual config" (something like
this) *while it is searching in data bases* don't wait till the end of
the query...

This extremely logical! I need and want more like this!

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François Patte
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