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Re: Help - Gnome Died After Update/Upgrade

On Tue, 2013-07-02 at 07:59 -0700, Mark Phillips wrote:
> I have been running Debian testing on my laptop for several years. I
> performed a "routine" update/upgrade on Sunday, and I seem to have
> lost gnome. At first, I could not log in, but I got that fixed.
> However, when I log in, all I get is my wallpaper. No favorites on the
> left, no window docks (not sure of the terminology here) on the right,
> no taskbar at the top, etc. Just a wall paper. I also get an error
> message "No system tray detected, unable to start". However, I traced
> that back to an hp printer service, so I don't think it is relevant.
> I have tried uninstalling/installing gnome, but no change. I tried
> creating an new user and logging in with that user, and I get the same
> situation - but the default wall paper and not my personal one. I have
> run several update/upgrade and update/dist-upgrades since Sunday, and
> no change. I have looked through the 'net to find solutions, and I am
> not getting anywhere.

Multiple people seem to have this issue, including me. The problem is
solved in gnome-shell from unstable, you can either wait until it
migrates to testing (in 1 or 2 days I guess, judging from the QA page
[1]) or you can install from unstable with "aptitude install -t unstable
gnome-shell" (no quotes). Make sure you have unstable in your
sources.list file. Just be careful not to upgrade your whole system to
unstable, but only that package.


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