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How to set emacs' gtk menu font size


>From a certain point of time that I can't remember, emacs started to use 
gtk style of menus. It didn't bother me until now, because the font size 
is so big that it distort my emacs window shape. 

Anyone know how to set the emacs' gtk menu font & size? 

I believe emacs is now built with GTK rather than Lucid. Some things I've 
read seem to indicate that there's no way to set this font within Emacs - 
that is has to be done externally using GTK config - if this is true, how?

I found 

And I've tried with:

$ cat ~/.emacs.d/gtkrc
style "menufont"
  font_name = "DejaVu Sans Mono 9"  # Pango font name
widget "*emacs-menuitem*" style "menufont"
widget "Emacs.pane.menubar.*" style "menufont"
widget_class "*Menu*" style "menufont"

But nothing works. My emacs' gtk menu still looks ugly big. 
Anyone can help? 


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